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Your medical prowess is enhanced by the technology and equipment you use, so we ensure we have the best in the market available for you.


Check out Sensor Medical Technologies line of single use and reuseable contact lenses. Every reuseable lens has a scratch resistant coating and a superb anti-reflection coating. The single use are lower cost and don't have to be cleaned or disinfected and offer infection control compliance.

Shown above are the CenterVue product family which includes the fully automatic DRS fully automatic, non-mydriatic fundus camera, the MAIA micro perimeter and the EIDON Confocal camera.

Elektron Technology manufactures a macular pigment screener and the Henson 9000 Perimeter. The 9000 can perform all central field screening tests, multiple and single stimulus, supra thresholds as well as the new ZATA threshold tests.


The LightMed family of state-of -the-art lasers includes YAG photodisruptors, 532 (Green),  577 (Yellow), and 810 infrared photocoagulators, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) with YAG Combo (SLT/YAG Combo) and Single and Dual Scanning pattern lasers. Th YAG/SLT and photocoagulators can be combined to create duo or trio laser systems. These lasers have the  most  competitive prices in the market.


In addition,  they have a  Corneal Cross-Linking system for treatment of Keratoconus and other corneal dysfunctions as well as an excellent  Phacoemulsifier


ABS Video/Smart Mirror
Smart mirror (Optic Video). Lets your customers select their

frames by looking at themselves on a video monitor.

Ophthalmic products and services, including hand held

ophthalmic surgical instruments, pachymeters, diamond

surgical knives, new design and repair services.

Ophthalmic & injectable pharmaceuticals, artificial tears,

ointments, ophthalmic solutions.

Alchimia/Abeamed, Inc.
Italian manufacturer of silicone oil, heavy silicone oil,

perfluorocarbons, tissue staining, gas for intraocular

tamponade, surgical aid for DSAEK/DACK, and eye


Clinic and hospital supplies and equipment.

Allegro Medical
Discount medical equipment, home healthcare suppies,

fitness equipment, dietary supplements.

Large assortment of optical accessories for the optical

retail store and lab. (Contact lenses & accessories, etc.)

Ophthalmic sutures, disposable ophthalmic microsurgical

knives, cannulas, etc.

American Printing House For the Blind
Special media, tools and materials needed for education

and life of the blind.

Bausch & Lomb
Vitreoretinal devices, phacoemulsification and micro

incision surgery,  foldable IOLs with SofPort™ System,

STORZ instruments.

Wet field erasers, electrosurgery products, Beaver blades,

Visitec cannulas & instruments, Mercocel and Weck Cel

ophthalmic fluid management products.

Bovie - Aaron Medical
Aaron cauteries (electric, portable & battery operated),

electrodes, ophthalmic burr, flexible surgical & exam

lights, and diagnostic products.

The Brewer Company
A variety of styles of stools for the patient & doctor,

accessories for the operating room, etc.

Spare bulbs for existing and discontinued instruments in

the market.

Cambrian Medical
Previously KHOSLA, a premier supplier of surgical

instruments and medical products and equipment

DRS non-mydriatic, fully-automatic fundus camera, MAIA

microperimeter and EIDON True Color Non Focal


Cow Industries
Projection screens, mirror sets, refracting furniture &

desks, etc.

DGH/KOI Inc. and DGH Technology, Inc.
Phaco machines, A-Scan, A-Scan/Pachymeter,

Pachymeters, etc.

Diamatrix, Inc.
Manufacturers of surgical ophthalmic knives and


Eagle Vision
Pre-loaded punctum plugs, collagen implants, Schirmer

tear test strips with millimetric scale, artificial tears,

Graether pupil expanders, lachrymal instruments,

eye shields, etc.

Elektron Technology

Elektron Technologies

Macular pigment screener and the Henson 9000


Endo Optiks
Endoscopic cyclo photocoagulation lasers.
Low vision aids & equipment.

Bulbs for assorted instruments, thermal and recording

paper, chin rest paper and more.

Italian made chairs and stands for examination

(contemporary designs), electric tables, pneumatic stools,

wall units, trial lens sets, etc. 

Good-Lite Company is committed to manufacturing the

finest line of vision screening instruments and charts

that will effectively screen persons,

Haag-Streit International
Slit lamps, applanation tonometers, diagnostic/laser

lenses, ophthalmometers, Goldmann spherical

projection perimeters, and instrument tables.

Haag-Streit International
Microscopes for ophthalmology, neurosurgery, ENT and

spine surgery.

Haag-Streit USA
Slit lamps, tonometers, Octupus perimeters, Reliance

chairs & stands, and Lenstar biometers.

Highest quality hand-held diagnostic instruments.

Howard Instruments
Silicone oil, silicone tubing, spare blades for

micro-keratome, and more.

South Korean-made autorefractors, autorefractor

keratometers, lensmeters, auto chart projectors,

digital refractors and more.

Image result for icare finland logo

Icare Technology

Revolutionary tonometers for effective early glaucoma

detection and control. No anesthetic or disinfection

is needed. Very accurate

K2 - Height Adjustable Ophthalmic Tables

K2 Tables

The tables are easily adaptable for use with medical,

scientific instruments and  are height adjustable with

coulmn adjustment positioning. Available in wheelchair

accessible base.

Ophthalmic microsurgical instruments.

Indirect ophthalmoscopes, surgical loupes, diagnostic

instruments, cryo machines, Pulsair non-contact tonometers,


Retinal cameras (portable and conventional), slit lamps

(portable and conventional), hand held tonometers,

air puff tonometers, etc.

Labtician Ophthalmics


Retinal implants, silicone scleral buckles, ophthalmic

gases, silicone oils.

Lighthouse  International
Vision rehabilitation services.

Laser manufacturer: YAG photodisruptor, 532 green

laser photocoagulator, 577 yellow photocoagulator,

810 infrared photocoagulator, SLT/YAG combination

laser suitable for upgrade to trio with any of the above photocoagulators. yellow and red multi scanning laser photocoagulator, and phaco unit.

Marco Ophthalmic
Chairs and stands, slit lamps, keratometers, projectors,

lensmeters, phoropters, trial lens sets & frames, surgical


Micro Medical Devices (MMD)
Hand-held, battery operated pachymeters, A-scans,

pachymeter/A-Scan combos, ultra mobile B-Scans.

New World Medical, Inc.
The Ahmed glaucoma valves, silicone & polypropylene

glaucoma implants.

Noir Laser Shields
Laser goggles for medical, dental, industrial, scientific &

military applications.

Ocular Instruments
Diagnostic lenses, contact & indirect laser lenses for

YAG, Argon and Diode laser use, etc.

Autoperimeters, topographers, refraction equipment,

electric tables, loupes, trial lenses, trial frames,


Trial lens set, trial frames, cross cylinders, lensmeter,


Video cameras for Haag Streit and Zeiss style slit lamps.

Offers multiple video outputs with excellent image quality.

Perspectives, Intl.
MDR labeled posterior and anterior chamber intraocular

Lenses for extracapsulorary and phaco surgery.

hydroxypropylmethyl-cellulose 2% viscoelastic,

sodium hyaluronate, capsular tension rings.

Phoropters, slit lamps, lensmeters (LensCheck), air puff

tonometers, automatic and manual projectors,

keratometers, Tono Pen and AVIA tonometers, etc.

Richmond Products
Richmond Products. pseudoisochromatic plates and

differenttests and accessories for pediatric and general ophthalmology, etc.

Right Med/S4Optik

Autorefractors keratometers (standard and portable),

chairs and stands, slit lamps, keratometers, lensmeter,

projectors, refractors, tonometers, topographers and 

specular microscope.

Leading manufacturer of precision surgical instruments,

primarily made of titanium and stainless steel.


Manufacturer of ultafast compact autoclaves. The Statim

line of sterilizers include the Statim 2000, Statim 5000

and the Statim 7000 and now complemented by the new

Bravo chamber unit.

Ultrasound Machines, A/B Scans, A Scans, pachymeter

(portable and table models).

Seiler Instruments
Ophthalmic and dental microscopes, loupes, colposcopes.
Technolas Perfect Vision
Hansatome Excellus blades and tubing.

Corneal topographer, auto refractor, auto

refractor/keratometer, automatic lensmeter,

specular microscope, etc.

Auto refractor, auto refractor/keratometer, slit lamps,

keratometers, lensmeters, projectors, phoropter, chairs

and stands, retinal cameras, specular microscopes,

puff tonometers.

Loose prisms, prism bars, retinoscopy racks, Farnsworth,

Roth and Lanthony test, auto refractor/keratometer,

automatic projector, aesthesiometer, occluders, etc.

Diagnostic lenses, lenses for YAG, Argon and Diode

laser use, etc.

Diagnostic Instruments (retinoscope, ophthalmoscope,

transilluminator), rechargeable handles, laryngoscopes,

otoscopes, etc.


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