Why Choose Us?

As a distributor and exporter of ophthalmic and optical products, we have the supplies you need for the care your patients want and deserve. Some of our many products include: 


• Complete Examination Lanes with Corresponding Accessories

• Disposable products
• Diagnostic Instruments: Autorefractor Keratometers
• Slit Lamps, Keratometers, Projectors, Chairs and Stands

• Intraocular Lenses and Ophthalmic Sutures
• Auto Perimeters

• Ophthalmic Lasers

• Fundus Cameras

• Pachymeters
• Surgical instruments
• Ophthalmic solutions
• Trypan Blue
• Silicone oil
• Perfluorcarbons
• Clinic nad Hospital Supplies
• A-Scans
• B-Scans
• Disposable microsurgical knives
• Electric and Portable cauteries
• Electric tables
• Pneumatic stools
• Bulbs for most instruments
• DRS Retinal Camera
• MAIA Microperimeter
• EyeQuick Direct ophthlamoiscope with camera
• 2 WIN Binocular hand held refractometer and vision tester


Our Network

We have 15 dealers to help us manage the distribution of the products of more than 50 ophthalmic/optical manufacturers, 15 of which we represent exclusively. Our dealers are supported by 5 area managers who provide personalized and continuing relationships with clients, as well as product information and training.


The service side of our network includes technicians that ensure warranties are honored expeditiously and that quality and efficient service is always available. Our goal is to support our clients with prompt and reliable in-market service to minimize equipment downtime.

We're Active in the World

Perspectives International Inc. is an active participant of the various conventions and congresses that take place every year in different parts of the world. This enables us to maintain a personalized and dynamic relationship with our clients and suppliers.

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